Wednesday 15 January 2014

The boys get out to play!

It is damp outside but at least it isn't raining so the boys wrapped up warm and went outside to play.

So is there anywhere good to skateboard around here Henry?  James asks.

Well we are allowed on the footpath as long as we are careful and it is fun as it is downhill.  Henry replies.  There is a skate park but we are not allowed there as it gets a bit rough.

Well sounds pretty good just hanging around here and seeing how fast we can go down the hill.  Emrys says.

Emrys is the first to get on the skateboard. 

Hang on James, I will get out of your way.  Henry says as he moves to give James room to get on his board.

Henry moves out of the way and watches James as he gets on his board.

Pretty cool move James!  Henry says

My turn now!

Yeah!  James cheers as Henry gets on his board.  Let's go!

The boys set off...

Their chatter becomes a distant noise, but I am sure they are discussing who can go the fastest!

Let's hope there aren't any injuries to patch up when they come back inside...

Several hours later...

Tired and exhausted boys arrive back.

It seems Henry and Emrys have had enough of skateboarding although James is riding until the end!

The boys 'dump' their skateboards and have a chat about what to do next.

How about a hot drink of Milo?  Henry asks the boys.

Sure that sounds great!  They reply.

They start to come inside.

Ummm boys...haven't you forgotten something?

In typical boy style the skateboards are left unceremoniously in the garden waiting for the invisible fairy to bring them inside and put them away.

I don't think so!  She has gone on strike...leave the skateboards out there and there will be no hot drink!


  1. AK! My boys are just like their human big brother used to be. - TIDY UP, lads! What will you do if somebody comes into the garden runs off with your skateboards?!

    1. Cry probably - or at least blame someone else...

  2. Now, boys, someone could trip on those skateboards and take a fall....better bring them in! Looks like fun, anyway...wish I had a skateboard!

  3. These photos are fantastic! Boys will be boys. ;)

  4. That's so typical, isn't it!!! My son is exactly the same and a few years back when he was still using his skateboard, it would be left for some poor unfortunate to take a tumble!!!
    What my question is, what is Milo? I'm assuming some sort of hot drink but I've never heard of it!!!

    1. Milo is a hot chocolate and malt drink I have fond memories of drinking it when on horse riding camps when I was young - we would make it with boiling milk, but just water can also be used or a bit of both. You can buy it in supermarkets in the UK as well.

  5. I think Milo was available overseas before it was in the UK. My father had it when living in South Africa for a while and a Nigerian friend always called all brands of hot chocolate, Milo. Perhaps a marketing brand in the old UK 'colonies?' I don't remember seeing it in the UK until the late 70s. My cousin was horrified when he first saw it - his name is Milo!

    1. Yes Jenni you are right, I had it in NZ and I think it is actually Australian originally. Yes just checked, originally marketed in Australia in 1934.