Monday 7 April 2014

Down Under Experience - Day One: We are off!

Well here I am the day I set off for my adventures Down Under.  I'm being a bit naughty and standing on the table here, but I wanted to see everything that was going on.

Hitty Madge came with me and enjoyed a rather large cup of green tea.

Here is my new mode of transport, could be considered slightly undignified for a boy of my age, but hey it works, is handy to pop in and out of and I get a great view of what is going on.

 Hitty Madge and I waiting on the seats in the airport ready for boarding...

little did we know just how long the flight was going to be!

There was smog in Dubai so we had to circle in the air for over an hour before we were allowed to land.  Once we finally landed we had to wait on the tarmac for over an hour before we were allowed to disembark.  More waits were in store for us - I think it was a couple of hours in the transit lounge and then SIX hours on the plane on the tarmac before we were allowed to take off!  It ended up over 12 hours between meals and then when it was finally served it was pretty horrid!  Mum was not happy.  

We didn't get to see Dubai from the air as it was surrounded in fog (or was it SMOG?) but we did see the surrounding area while circling.

Hitty Madge looks out at the stark and sandy expanse of land.

It really was quite incredible, little pots of land surrounded by sand.

Isn't it rather an amazing sight?  

We finally arrived in Brisband, Australia just after mid-day, over six hours late so essentially lost a whole day of opportunities by the time we arrived at Mum's friends place.  We did have a pretty yummy barbecue for dinner though!

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  1. Hi Henry look like you enjoyed the flight even if it was longer than you expected. Glad to know you arrived safely and had a yummy BBQ hugs Theresa