Monday 21 April 2014

Down Under in New Zealand: March 10th - Shelly Beach Reserve - Kaipara Harbour

Yeah Beach Time!  On 10th March we set off to the beach...I had been asking to go for days and days!  

We set off and finally arrived and this wonderful jetty greeted us - some people were fishing off it, but as the tide was out I don't know how well they did!

The first thing I did was to go and investigate the playground.

I went on the swing!

Did some climbing

Look at me!

Went on the slide


But then I just had to go on the beach.


Where is the sand?

I guess this is why it is called Shelly Beach!  Shells everywhere!

Fortunately a bit closer to the water was some sand.

I got stuck in with some digging and filling up my bucket to make sandcastles.

Just about ready to make my first one, the bucket has been filled up with sand and I have turned it over.

Ta da!  A Sandcastle.  I can't leave it at just one though.

A second is soon made and I decorate the top with shells.

Having great fun.

Looking good don't you think?

I soon decided I wanted to go and explore the rocks.

Which of course meant climbing them.

Got to be careful I don't slip.

Now if I just climb up here...

I'm the King of the Castle.

Wahey, look at me!

Shall I jump down?  Oh okay, I better not, I will climb down instead.

Soon I was back exploring the beach.

Paddling in the pools of seawater.

It was all squelchy between my toes and under my feet.

Oh, what is over there?

I am sure I can see something.

Let's go and have a look.

Wow it is a bird.

I think it is a shag.

It is only standing on one leg...Do you know why they stand on one leg?  Because if they lift the other up they will fall over!  Mwah ha ha! 

Some drift wood on the beach.

Oh this one looks interesting.

It  was great for climbing on.

Cool huh?

My Pop and Nan walking along the grass above the beach.

Birds busy feeding.

A house right on the beach front - must be pretty cool to live here, you could walk and play along the beach everyday.

One bird on his own.

Another going for a walk.

The same Shag now on two feet!

A Kingfisher.

Some oysters on the rocks.

Checking out the sea life.

Hello Nan!

Hey she is laughing at me.

The toilet block was very colourful!

Oh so sweet.

What a lovely afternoon we had.


  1. What a lovely story about our beloved and beautiful country.....More please? Smiles....Julie in Tauranga

    1. Hi Julie, so glad you enjoyed the photos. I do have some more coming when Mum gets them all sized for the blog ;-) Hopefully during this week!

  2. Lovely yet again Henry, beach combing has to be one of my favourite pastimes.

  3. I think this is one of my very favorite posts Henry! I could hardly believe my eyes to see all of these sea shells--just amazing and wonderful. Your castle is great and you are the King of the castle without a doubt :). I am struck by how lovely the beach is and pristine with interesting wildlifet oo. How lucky to be able to visit this beautiful area. Your last photo is wonderful--you have a very nice family and are a fortunate boy :). Hugs, xxxx

  4. I like the Photographs very much, Lorraine. Henry looks like a real boy (I know he IS a real boy:) The countryside is great. I enjoyed the photos.