Tuesday 15 April 2014

Down Under in Australia - 26th February: Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary: Part One

Gosh I hardly know where to start with this amazing place.  So many wonderful animals to look at and enjoy in a very natural environment.  We had a thoroughly enjoyable day and I could have spent a lot longer here.

Not sure why my hat is over my face....perhaps I was sleeping at the time!

Wow, look at this incredible Koala...I didn't know they were so big and came in such bright and wonderful colours.

Hang on a minute....

Now that is more like it!  This cute fellow was having a snooze.

Now isn't this Koala a happy looking chap.

This one enjoyed playing peek a boo with me.

Yikes, how did I get up here?  The Koala seems to be thinking.

I think this one was exhausted!

Mum was lucky enough to get to hold one!  They said I was too small...humpff...I told them I was a BIG boy!

Reluctantly moving on from the Koalas as there was a lot more to see.

This bird is quite scary!

I didn't know you could get tree kangaroos!

They were really quite interesting and different to what I expected.

Look at that amazing tail.

An emu...

Interesting sculptures were found round the lake area.

Just look at this amazing one.

I wonder if I could build something like this in our garden?

Soon though...we ventured into a more dangerous zone....

Help!  Get me out of here!

Looking for crocodile eggs...

Just 'hanging around'....like boys do

Uh oh, I didn't realise there was a giant spider up there...

....hoping I can scramble to safety in time.

This is more like it!

Hello Mr Roo

How do you do?

My name is Henry.

Mr Roo seemed rather uninterested in conversation as it turns out.

Mrs Roo in the shade with her baby Joey in her pouch.

Tucked up nice and snug.

I decided I had done enough walking for a while...it was a big park!

Mum says hello to the kangaroos.

She gives it a stroke.

Her friend Tania does the same, Mr Roo seems rather nonchalant about the whole thing.

Mum's turn.

Very relaxed about the whole thing.

Yeah my turn!

In conversation once again, discussing the life, the universe and everything...Mr Roo seemed to have it all sussed out.

Now this is what I call relaxed!

Who you sticking your tongue out at?!


  1. Thanks, Henri, for the awesome pictures. Most of us will never see the wonders you have shared. You rock and so does your mum!

    1. Hi there! So glad you are enjoying the photos, thank you for leaving a comment, it is always nice to get some feedback :-) It really was an amazing time and one I never dreamed of seeing.

      Love Henry & his Mum!