Thursday 17 April 2014

James and Emrys discover a secret...

James and Emrys are eager to know if Henry brought anything home with him...

So Henry did you enjoy your trip?  James asks

Emrys is more direct... What did you bring home Henry?  Any souvenirs?

Well...kind of...  Henry tells the boys.

What do you mean 'kind of'?  They both ask him with puzzled expressions.

What is your coat sticking up like that?  Emrys asks.

Ummm....promise not to tell?  says Henry.

Henry moves his coat and the boys spy something...

What can it be?

What is that?  They ask.

Oh dear this looks rather suspicious...

Oh Henry you didn't?!!  They are both astounded at what they have seen...

They take a closer look as Henry moves his dungarees.

They look at each other not quite believing their eyes...surely Henry hasn't?

But, it looks very much like he has...

What?  Henry asks.  It is only an egg!

I don't think it is only an egg.  James tells him....Just look!

Oh my word! Henry exclaims. It has hatched!

Oh my word indeed Henry!   You could get into big trouble for this!

What shall we do?  The boys ask each other.

Please don't tell Mum.  Henry asks.  I am sure we can think of something.

 I didn't think it would hatch. Henry tells the boys as they look on thinking they have been put in rather a predicament.  What should they do?

I know, Henry tells them.  Mum started building a pond yesterday...once it is finished the croc can live in there.

The boys look a bit dubious.  Really?  They ask.

Yeah sure, it will be the perfect place for it.  Henry tells them.

Come with me, it is this way.  I'll show you.

Off the boys go to see where Henry suggests the newly hatched crocodile should live.

How about in here?  Henry suggests.

Well I don't know.  Emrys says.  

What about here?  Henry asks.

I don't think so. James replies.  What about the girls swing chair?  They might not like a crocodile so near to them.

Well I guess they would get a bit scared.  Henry concedes.

The boys look at Henry...he really doesn't have a clue does he?  Scared?  I think that is probably an understatement!

Well this must be okay surely.  Henry says to the boys.

It is going to have water in it, plants and a rockery and least that is what I heard Mum saying yesterday when she dug the hole and set it up.

Well it might be okay.  How big will the crocodile get do you think?  The boys ask Henry.

Oh only about this big.  Henry shows them.

Are you sure Henry?  They ask.  The photos we saw look like the crocodile was pretty humongous, especially the ones feeding.

Oh they were just giant crocodiles.  Henry tells the lads.  The ones I saw up close were only little...

Henry doesn't quite realise that they were just young baby crocodiles...

Look this will be suitable for a shelter.  Emrys suggests.

It looks ideal.  What do you think James?

Looks okay to me.  James replies...although is still thinking that the crocodile is going to grow a lot bigger than Henry is expecting...he has watched those TV programs about crocodiles.

Well I think it will be just perfect.  Henry tells the boys.

So guys, what do you think, where shall we keep the crocodile until the pond is finished?  Henry asks.

Well, it depends on how long that will be.  Emrys says to Henry.

What about keeping it here at night but then hiding it during the day?  James suggests.

But where will we keep it during the day?  Emrys asks James.

Umm...I don't know.  James replies

Well?  Henry looks to Emrys for answers and Emrys to James...none are forthcoming...

What shall we do?  The boys think while staring into what they are hoping will be the crocodiles new home.

Still thinking....


  1. Uh-oh! Henry, you may have far more problems to come than just where your new pet is going to live.....

  2. Great post Henry! Do you really want crocodiles in your yard? How about some nice fish or a frog or two for Rory? :)

    1. Oh we are going to get some fish maybe or a frog as well. They can all be friends!

  3. Henry, how did you get that crocodile egg past customs!

    1. Well, I don't know if I should tell you ;-)