Sunday 20 April 2014

Down Under in Australia - 27th February: Kookaburra Queen along the Brisbane River

On Thursday 27th February we got to go on a Paddlewheeler along the Brisbane River.

This is the boat we went on and it was very exciting.

She was called the Kookaburra Queen

This one is her sister.

Here I am just before we set off along the river.

 My Mum and I.

The view from our set off point.

Now for some views along the river while on our journey.  It was very informative and the guide told us all about the history of the river.  It was quite interesting, but I have forgotten what most of the places he pointed out were called!  A booklet would have been a good idea.

Amazingly tall buildings

Lots of greenery as well.

The South Bank where there are man-made beaches and swimming pools.

I got to help steer the boat - that was the best of fun indeed!

I bet The Sailor will be impressed when he gets back in August from his current Cruise.

Amazing blue skies, it was a really wonderful day.

Sunbathers on the 'beach'

After the cruise along the river we got to spend a little time walking along the South Bank.

I wanted to go on the Brisbane 'Eye' but we didn't have time.

It was really pretty.

A lovely place to work if you have to work in the city, and a great place to visit if you like cities.  I prefer the countryside but it was very nice.

Oh, what is this?

Up the steps I go.

Can you see me?

Here I am!

My Mum and I

I can't reach!

It is too high for me to ring the bell.

This wonderful building is part of the Expo '88 Nepalese exhibit.

Wonderful carvings adorned it.

Moving on due to not having a lot of time...

This was part of the New Zealand exhibit which was reportedly one of the best at the expo.

Loving the reflections in the water.

A lizard sunning himself.

Playing on the rocks before we had to leave to catch the train home.

I really wanted to go for a swim, the water was amazingly clear, but was told I couldn't as we had a long journey on the train home.

Oh well I was content to just run my fingers and hands in the water....


  1. Hi Henry! It looks like you had such fun riding on the riverboat and the Expo is just beautiful. I can see why you wanted to swim, the water is beautiful. What a special place :)

    1. Yes certainly another very special place to visit and a wonderful trip indeed.