Sunday 20 April 2014

Down Under in Australia - 27th February: Ipswich

Before we set off to catch the train to Brisbane we had an hour in Ipswich.  It was rather rushed and I would have liked to have spent more time here as it was really lovely, but we had booked the trip along the Brisbane River.  We were supposed to have spent the day here on the Sunday we arrived but due to the massive delays in Dubai, and inevitable much later arrival in Australia we didn't have time so had to squeeze it into this morning.

There is a lovely little wildlife park that we had a look around and we weren't disappointed and saw lots of wonderful animals.

In the park were some interesting benches with mosaic art work.

My little friend Hitty Madge enjoyed looking at the mosaic work as well.

Oh this looks interesting, what a funny little creature! No not me, the Bilby!

He was a funny looking thing, a bit like a rabbit, mouse, opossum all combined in one!

Resting in the undergrowth.

Some photos of the wonderful bats that just 'hung around'

Every now and again they would stretch their wings.

Cute Wallaby

Lots of lizards to be seen yet again.

A Spotted Quoll

A parrot in the trees outside of the park.

We also went for a walk through these beautiful gardens which is where Mum's friend Tania has sometimes spent her lunchtimes when working.

It was really beautifully laid out.

Little streams with trickling water

Mum's friend Tania - shame we were looking into the sun when the photo was taken.

A lovely place to sit and contemplate indeed.


  1. The animals are so interesting. I had not heard of a Quoll. The gardens are beautiful and so nice to have a sister city in Japan. You certainly can see the influence--so serene and lovely. Way to go Henry, another very special place to visit :) xxx

    1. I had not heard of a Quoll either - they certainly have some interesting animals in Australia.