Monday 21 April 2014

Down Under in Australia - 25th & 26th February - Sea World: Polar Bears

Now I know I said yesterday that was the last of my posts of my time in Australia, but it was pointed out to me that I hadn't shown any photos of the Polar Bears.  This was because I wasn't in any of the photos so Mum put them on her blog...but as I was asked, here is the post.  

Part One of a two part post, this one focussing on the Polar Bears at Sea World in the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.  I thoroughly enjoyed watching the polar bears as the following photo load will prove.  We had hoped 'Henry' the baby polar bear would be out, and we went both days to see, but unfortunately he wasn't.  Perhaps he is only out in the weekend?  Anyway I will leave the photos to do the speaking as they really do speak for themselves as they show off these magnificent animals that are in an enclosure especially designed and climate controlled to suit their needs.

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  1. So interesting to see the polar bears up close. They are so huge and those claws are amazing :). Very nice addition to your Sea World post :)