Tuesday 7 January 2014

Building Dens.

With the weather being wild and wet, there seems nothing else that can be done apart from build dens under tables and have a pyjama day.

Dens are 'top secret' and I was lucky enough to glimpse Henry, Emrys and James playing a game of cards...most of the time it has been all closed up and admittance by password only, one I am not privy to!

There has been lots of giggling, scheming and whispers...I'm not sure they got a lot of sleep during the night as several times they had to be told to go to sleep.  But boys will be boys...I would imagine they will crash out later today when they least expect it!  Probably while they are watching a DVD!

I would imagine they will be venturing out soon for food!  I am surprised there is not a stash of goodies in here already, or perhaps they have finished it all.

I think Henry has a bit of a faraway look in his eyes, so I don't think it will long before they request something to eat, so I better get cracking!


  1. Great storyline and props. They look to be having fun. I wonder what card game they are playing. Variations of Rummy and "Kings in the Corner" are pipular here.

    1. Not sure what they were playing...they wouldn't let me know!

  2. Boys and food - almost as inseparable as dogs and food! Our old dog is seriously ill but still wants to eat very time I venture into the kitchen.
    Henry seems to have lots of toys. I find it hard to collect things in a reasonable scale for my lot.
    J xx

    1. I scout the charity shops for little cars and things for Henry - the cars are micro cars and the perfect size. The dinosaurs are from last years Advent Calendar, the cards came in a Christmas Cracker and the books I made.