Saturday 21 December 2013

Two visitors arrive for Christmas!

Not long ago a conversation was overheard in a lovely little cottage in the country.

Emrys: Why are you up, James? i thought you were sick.

James: I'm a bit better now. I can't go to the surgeon because she's sick so Mum has given me first aid.

Emrys: My neck is terribly stiff, I wonder if I could ave an operation?

James: Perhaps we could go together.

Emrys: No, because I'm going to stay with Henry.


Emrys: But you got sick so I am going instead.

James: What, even though I'm feeling better?

Emrys: Maybe we could both go?

James: Let's ask.

Emrys: Well, you better get dressed first. Why are you wearing a hat but no jeans?

James: A bad hair day, or week, or month...

It seems that James did indeed get dressed and both boys stowed away on a post van...

Oh look a big parcel addressed to me!

Hello, is someone in there?  I can here noises!

Let's see if I can get into this box.

Can definitely hear something.

Hello.  Is anyone in there?

"muffle, mumble"

Pardon?  I can't make out what you are saying.

Oh hello!  Who are you?

I'm Emrys.

More muffled noises are heard.

Is someone else in there? I ask Emrys.

Oh yeah, I forgot, my brother travelled with me as well.  

Hello, do you need a hand getting out?  I ask.

Muffle, mumble..... I'm okay...almost there.

What, where, why is it still dark?

Come on guys, turn on the lights...

The lights are on!  Hooray!  I cheer!

So which one is Emrys & which one is James?  I ask them.

I'm Emrys, and I'm James, they reply.

Well it is my turn to open the Advent Calendar today, do you want to help me with it? 

Oh yes, brilliant, we were hoping we might be able to have a turn as well.  They both tell me.


  1. What a great threesome, love their outfits and shoes!! Have fun boys :)

  2. Yes, have fun boys. Lottie has not stopped talking about her wonderful visit with Henry.