Saturday 28 December 2013

These socks are made for....

What are you two doing?   I ask James & Emrys

Seeing what our socks look like upside down!  They answer.

So what do you think? Your Mum made us snazzy brightly coloured socks.  Cool huh?  James says.

We are the champions!  Emrys cheers!

These socks are made for action!  Emrys tells me.

They are pretty great.  I agree.  So what sort of action shall we get up to do you think?


  1. Hiking, jumping, climbing, cycling or just chilling out in a cosy living room with friends

  2. These socks look lovely and cosy warm....I'm sure the boys won't want to take them off now that they have them on!!

  3. Replies
    1. Ha ha...funnily enough we did contemplate it briefly as DS1 is going to go skydiving this year, and it is near where my Mum's home is...but...changed our minds :D