Monday 2 December 2013

Lottie and I start to decorate the Christmas Tree.

Lottie helped me start to decorate the Christmas tree.  She is going home on Tuesday so I thought it would be nice if we had a chance to do a little bit of the Christmas decorations together.  

We have a little pile of decorations to put on the tree...but we can't find the lights!  Will have to see if Dad can go up into the loft tomorrow and try to find them for us.  Hopefully he will get the nativity scene down as well. 

I've just put up a little Christmas tree on the Christmas tree!  Tee can hardly see it though...

Lottie has hung a little clock and bird so far...

I've also put up a moon shaped Father Christmas.  She informs me.

It is looking good... I hope we can find the rest of the decorations and the lights!

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