Tuesday 3 December 2013

Action packed last day for Lottie.

Would you like to help me make another Lego model before you leave today Lottie? I ask Lottie.

Sure that would be great fun!  Lottie replies.

Look we have a Christmas tree to make.

Goodness, three packets!  

We start making it.  I make the base while Lottie starts on the tree.

We have to concentrate hard. 

How's it going?  I ask Lottie.

Great!  She replies.

Look how much I have done already.  Lottie shows me.

We make good progress and before long...

Lottie has the Christmas tree made.

She puts it on my base and I add the star on top.

Lottie makes a little bear and I make a present to go under the tree.

Isn't this simply the best tree?  Lottie asks.

It sure is!  I agree.

A little later we wander out into the garden.

Look there is that fox!  I whisper to Lottie.  See if you can scare it with you catapult as it has been screaming out our elderly dog Pirate in the evenings and if it saw our little Chihuahua, Percy, it could hurt him.

Lottie takes careful aim...

The fox looks at her, noticing us all of a sudden.

The fox is very bold and has been coming into our garden daily.

We think it is because the house next door has been vacant for well over a year now.

Great stuff Lottie!  You have scared him away.  I tell her with a cheer.

The fox runs off.

Let's hope that keeps that dastardly fox away from our dogs and garden.  I say to Lottie.

Hooray!  Lottie cheers.  I bet Mum will be surprised at my improved skills!

We come back inside where it is warmer.  Discussing the great shot Lottie made.

Sadly she has to go home today so I will have to help her pack now.

Lottie got a couple of souvenirs from the RAF museum.  A book and a pin.  I also got one to add to my increasing collection!

Mum made her Mum a special coaster as a reminder her of the holiday we had together.

Hey don't forget your dress Lottie!  I remind her.

I sneak in a couple of little extra gifts for her as well to discover when she gets home.

Oh and Lottie also watched Marcia open the Advent Calendar today which can be found here.


  1. Wow Lottie, what an action packed time you have had on your holiday and how wonderful to end it with such a Christmasy feeling. I can see you have honed your skills as a crack shot, but I hope you didn't hit Mr Fox. Don't forget to thanks Henry and his mum for the wonderful gifts, I have just the place for the coaster of your pooh sticks adventure. Your brothers and sisters are so jealous of all you have been up to, they all want a holiday with Henry now!

  2. I think that Lottie is a very dear little Yamka with a really lovely face.
    Have adored how she has been dressed on her holiday with Henry especially in that little long studio length smock dress, hat and cloth shoes that she wore for Mary Ellen's surprise birthday party. The lilac and purples colours really suit her.
    Have begun now to have regrets about parting with my rather gorgeous one.

    1. Actually this will surprise you, but Lottie isn't a Yamka, she was in fact a waif red dress girl, her hair was very sparsely rooted and her features were so faded. Janet painted her and styled herl so I on a 68 brunette fringe girl. She also rooted a lot of hair into the front of her head to give her a parting and fill in all the gaps.

  3. We all wish Lottie a safe journey home and a wonderful Christmas.
    Jenni and the Bryn Derw boys xx

    1. Thank you Dear Jenni & the Bryn Derw boys :-)

  4. Wow I Love their Lego Tree - Lottie brought such CooL things to Play with, I know Henry will miss her, but I bet a certain fox will be very relieved :)
    LuV, TiGGy