Thursday 26 December 2013

Christmas presents from James & Emrys.

I had such a super day yesterday, what a lovely Christmas we all had.

For me?  I ask James.

Yes this is my Christmas present to you.  James tells me as he hands me a present.

I open it up to find a super cool John Deere sun hat!

Oh wow, this is so neat!  I can wear it when I go to the farm in New Zealand.  I tell the boys.

Don't you think it looks great?!  I do!

Here's my gift to you Henry.  Emrys hands me a gift.

Oh wow, thanks Emrys, a hoodie!  This is great.  

Crash!  This is what happened to the bird feeder!  I laugh.

Thanks so much guys.  Mum says your gifts are a WIP and so sorry that they are delayed.  I explain.

What does WIP mean?  They ask me?  

I'm not sure.  But she says it a lot!  I think it means 'Work in Progress'.  I tell them.

Oh that is okay, we can wait and anyway we have had so much chocolate so that is rather like getting pressies anyway.  They say.

Good thing these lads are so understanding!  I feel so lucky, not only do I get two friends to stay over Christmas but they also give me presents as well!  How great is that?

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  1. My big lad Adam has a cap like this..he loves his John Deere farm equipment 😁