Tuesday 10 July 2018

Newtown Old Town Hall - Isle of Wight

Back in 2016 when we visited the Isle of Wight, we wanted to see inside the Old Town Hall in Newtown, owned by The National Trust, but unfortunately it was closed.  Luckily when we went a couple of weeks ago it was open.

The Old Town Hall is in the tiny hamlet of Newtown which was once the hub of Parliamentary elections and actually sent two members to Parliament. It is amazing to think that this small corner of the Isle of White was represented by two Members of Parliament.  A list of names can be seen inside the Hall, but I forgot to take a photo of that!  One of whom was that of Canning, who was the Foreign Secretary when he represented Newtown and later became the Prime Minister. This 17th Century building is the only remaining evidence of Newtown's former importance to the Island.  Adjoining this tiny hamlet is the lovely Nature Reserve which was a very enjoyable walk and one we hope to do again in the future.

The building became derelict due to neglect but was rescued in the 1930s by Ferguson's Gang who were a mysterious group of young benefactors who raised the funds for repair and gave it to the National Trust.  There was an interesting exhibition about the gang inside the building. Definitely worth looking up more about this group of influential and enlightened young people who saw the need to rescue such old buildings that are an important part of our history and culture, which seems all too easily to be slipping from our grasp today.

I look up at a big old clock.  

We didn't take many photos for some reason - I think we were too busy reading all the information cards around this fascinating building.

A wonderful quilt commemorating 300 years.

This chimney was amazing!


  1. Hooray, Henry, you're back!! Glad to see you out having an adventure or two!

  2. I'm glad you got to see inside the building this time Henry, 2 years is a long time to wait. I hope you enjoyed your latest trip to the IoW.

  3. Wow, looks like Henry saw a lot of interesting sights. If that chimney had a lantern on top, it would be a perfect Sasha-size lighthouse!

  4. Hi Henry! Thank you for sharing a new adventure. I have missed you! 😊 xxx

  5. Interesting adventure, Lorraine, as USUAL!! I had missed Henry, but now I'll sign up for his blog as well. I get your other blog regularly.