Thursday 25 May 2017

Rochester Castle & Rochester Town

Today we took a trip to Rochester Castle.  It didn't take us too long to get there and it was a lovely sunny and warm day.

I can't wait until we get inside so I can explore!

Gosh do we get to go all the way up there?

Lots of steps to climb and we get to stop on each level which is good.

Looking out to the Cathedral.

Looks like there are bars on this window...which is probably just as well as I wouldn't want to fall out!

Reading all about the history of the castle.

There were several groups of school children also visiting the castle today.  In fact the group of boys were very well behaved and polite - more polite in fact than some ladies we encountered in the castle!

View out to the Cathedral, but a bit hard to see in this photo.

There were lots of different levels 

Each level had an information board that told us about what would have been there.

It was quite interesting.

We are quite a long way up now...and it is a long way down...

But we still have further to climb!

This looks odd?

A board explains the half window.

Walking along, it is very atmospheric.

Not much further...

We are at the top, with fabulous views all around.

Soon we have to go back down again..

Almost down, looking back up.

This was the area where the kitchens were, but the placard was blocked off so I could see quite what it said.

Looking back the castle after our visit.

We decide to have a walk around Rochester

Look at the wall!  It was very lopsided.

We had lunch in this very nice cafe in their back courtyard with the scent of jasmine blossom.

A green letter box!

The big people enjoyed walking round the various antique, vintage, charity shops and book shops.  

The day was finished with Strawberry Crepes and cream!


  1. So many steps to climb! But the view was well worth it, and the castle looks a very interesting place. The look at the cathedral is especially pretty.

    1. Lots of steps, but worth it. The castle was interesting and the Cathedral very pretty.

  2. It's a very, very long time since I went to Kent, but I do remember going in the castle. It looks like you had a wonderful time, Henry :)

  3. Henry, If I come to visit you in England, will you take me around to see all these wonderful places? You go to some of the coolest locations. Oh, by the way, mein Vati will probably be tagging alone with me so there'll be two of us. Your friend, Hans

    1. Absolutely Hans, we would be deleted to! We love showing people round and belong to the National Trust and English Heritage so have a great choice of properties to go to.

  4. Henry, don't you wish they would put the big wooden floors back into castles like this to show what it would had been like when it was being lived in and used? but I suppose that would also mean putting a roof on it too and they would never restore it to that extent. We've been into the shop at Rochester castle but not done the whole tour of the castle, great views. We've been in Rochester Cathedral though.

    1. Now that would be a cool idea, but yes you are probably right the extent of restoration that would have to be done to do that would be immense.