Sunday 21 May 2017

Watermouth Castle, Devon

One wet day in May we ventured out to Watermouth Castle.  

Large imposing doors at the entrance...will they let us in I wonder?

I am looking forward to going inside.

As you first go in there are various scenes from 'The Olden Days'  

Eughh... you really do need a wash mate!

I watch the lady mixing a cake...or is it bread rolls?  I am not so sure.

Careful!  Don't cut yourself.

I help with selling the bread, but no one wanted any today.

Poor patient...the nurse seems to be looking after them well though.

Trains!  I love trains!  I watched this set for ages.

How much do I weigh?


Seems this chap is enjoying listening to the radio

Now is she really smiling while she works?? does this work?

A little bit scary...

Watching the miners...

A lot scary!

Oops, he caught me watching him work.

Now this was fun.

Even more fun....vroom!

Off I go!

Just my size.

Lots of bikes of different shapes and sizes.

Watching the pretty water light show.

Outside, trying to avoid the rain, not especially successfully I saw this gnome in the woods.

More gnomes hard at work.

There is always a queue!

Oh dear...I didn't know we had to bring our own toilet paper...

Mr Tall

He looks one way...

...and then another.

Don't fall off Humpty!

We were the last to leave!  Just as it started to dry up as well.


  1. Ah, Henry, you've just trigged memories for me from a long time ago. I remember Watermouth castle from way back in Oct 1989 when we went to pick up a small pipe organ from the owner who had bought it from us but wanted something bigger. I remember going into the main hallway and seeing lots of interesting things (including a suit of armour) - it was evening so quite spooky. Our car alternator wasn't working properly on the journey there and when we arrived on the Friday late afternoon the car died, so they got their friendly garage to collect it and we had to stay nearby in a small B&B. We hadn't come prepared for an overnight stay so didn't even have our toothbrushes! In the B&B we sat and watched TV news and were thrilled to see people standing on the Berlin Wall and chipping chunks off it. What a day. The following day we got the car back, collected the little organ (it fitted in the boot of our estate car) and drove back via Lynmouth and Bridgewater where I bought my 1929 Singer sewing machine (still working) in the market there for £10 (big money for me, I was on very low apprentice wages at the time). Happy times.

    1. How lovely to read about your time at Watermouth Castle and the memories it triggered. The castle is a little run down now, and could do with some work, certainly Mum noticed the difference since the last time they went some years ago.

      Singer sewing machines are the best!

  2. WOW!! That looks fantastic, Henry! I love visiting castles and museums. We've just had a week on the Isle of Wight. We didn't visit any of the castles as we counldn't take our little doggy in any of them, but we visited a few lovely old churches- Godshill, Bonchurch, Arreton and a few others. We mostly had lovely sunny weather :) x

    1. It was such fun. We love the Isle of Wight...secretly Mum would have preferred to have gone back there, but the rest of the family wanted to visit Devon, so she and I were overruled! We took our dogs into a couple of Castle places on the Isle of Wight... one was Yarmouth Castle and the other was...Carisbrooke Castle.

      Aren't the churches wonderful? We had sunny weather when we were there as well.

  3. Wow, what a fun place. So much to see! The boys would love it, and one in particular would quite enamored by those trains!

  4. This looks just like a place where people smile at work... Pity it was raining, but then, guessed from the pictures, a lot of the fun was indoors. But how annoying that it stopped raining when you were about to leave!
    Maybe if you had brought an umbrella, it wouldn't have rained at all?

  5. wow, there was sure a lot to see! It looks like you had fun!