Tuesday 22 December 2015

A New Visitor has come to stay!

Much excitement today as a  new visitor arrives to have a holiday with me over the Christmas period.  It has been ages since I have had a guest - we are going to have such fun together.  Today we opened the Advent Calendar - of which all Advent posts are posted over here.  However, I have copied today's opening down below. 

Junior, my mate, I am so glad you are able to come and stay - and just in time to open one of the Advent Calendar windows!  Henry says as Junior arrives to have a Holiday with Henry.

Me too!  Junior agrees.

The boys search for window number 22.

It proves elusive for a while...

...finally....Junior spots it.

He excitedly opens it.

While Henry watches.

Oh, wow!  Looks like treasure!  Junior exclaims.

Excellent!  Henry says.  I thought today might be the day for treasure. It goes in the little treasure chest down there.   Henry points.

Junior gets down on the floor to put the gold coins in the chest.

I wonder how much all this gold is worth?!  He ponders....

So what do you think Henry? Junior asks.

Looks good, but I don't think the gold is probably worth much...  but it would be fun to imagine it was worth millions!  Henry says.  Come on let's play.

The boys get down on the floor to play.


  1. Merry Christmas Lorraine and Henry xx

  2. Henry, I'm so happy to read your blog after my absence. I had an Advent calendar, too, but it only had chocolates inside - not dragons and other cool things! Happy Christmas to you and your family. Your friend, Angelo