Saturday 9 January 2016

Junior's Holiday - What to do on a rainy day?

Junior and I look rather dismayed

We look out the window

to see yet more rain....which is spoiling any thoughts of outdoor play.

What shall we do today is the question we ask each other....

I know, how about we make one of my lego models?  

This one is of an elephant.

Gosh lots of packets Henry!  Junior says to me.

We open the packets up and look at all the pieces...

How are we going to make an elephant out of these?

Well I think we need to make the base first.  Junior suggests as he looks at the pieces he has in his hand.

We both start putting pieces together

I work on the head.

Eventually we get the elephant made.  Junior having done the finishing touches.

He passes it over to me so I can put it on the base which is supposed to imitate grass!

One elephant!

Thee you go Junior, what do you think?  I ask

Junior comes over.

Looks pretty good to me he says.

Yeah!  We have finished!  We cheer.

I go and get the other animals I have made with other friends who have come to stay to compare them.  

You will have a zoo soon!  Junior says.

Now what to do I wonder?  Is it lunch time yet?


  1. You are building up quite a zoo of Nano blocks Henry and I'm glad you've shared them with Junior to brighten up a rainy day.

  2. Henry, I'm going to ask Papa for a set of Legos! Angelo