Wednesday 20 January 2016

Portsmouth Historic Dockyards - Part One

(Sadly the photos are not the best was the settings got accidentally changed on the camera!)

Peggy Sue and I went on an adventure last week to Portsmouth Historic Dockyards.  The weather wasn't the best so we wrapped up warm and made sure we had our wet weather jackets on.

Peggy Sue's hat seems to be pushing her fringe over her eyes and I am bracing myself against the wind!

Peggy Sue decided it was far too cold and windy for her so she opted for the warmth of the transportation bag, whereas I was a lot braver, after all there was so much to look at!

Wow, are we really going to go this ship later?

First stop was the Victory.  There was a lot of work being done around the ship - I am guessing because it is their quieter time of the year...

This one looks a lot more modern!

Round the corner we go and there she is.

Her canons are ready for action!

Up the gang plank we go.

As soon as we get on there are weapons in cased boxes to look at.

It was very interesting.

Some of the canons on the top deck.

The site of where Nelson got hit by a bullet.

I think we were lucky there weren't too many people here today as I bet sometimes it is difficult to see this sign!

This is a big steering wheel!

I look out over the harbour.

We start to go down into the decks.

The guide explains how this is where they worked, ate and slept - it must have been jolly noisy and cramped!

They were well fed though - they had to be to work as hard as they did.

Their food bowls with a ships biscuit which was part of their ration.

Oh, these look a bit gruesome...

Down in the surgical area...

...we hear about the many amputations and other surgical procedures that went on without any anaesthetic and also while you watched on waiting your turn!

That is is for the Victory - more to come....


  1. What a really wonderful adventure! I felt like I was right there along with you and Henry. I'm sorry that Peggy Sue had to opt out of the adventure but I'm sure she was more comfortable and warmer being secure in the transport bag. Henry was a real trooper, and a wonderful guide.

    1. So glad you enjoyed the adventure. It really was blowing a gale outside and inside it was too awkward to photograph both, so Peggy Sue kindly said she would rather be tucked up in the warm!

  2. What a wonderful and interesting visit. Loved your yellow waterproof jacket. Just perfect wear for this visit. Did your mummy make it for you?

    1. Glad you enjoyed the visit - part two still to come but Mummy has a bad head so it will have to wait until tomorrow.

      My friend in USA made it for me - isn't it great?!