Saturday 16 January 2016

A Day Out in London - The Tower of London - Part One

After what seemed to have been months of grey dull weather we awoke to a glorious winters day.  Very cold but fabulous with a clear blue sky.  Dressed in my warm coat and hat we set off for London.

Our destination of the day was the Tower of London.

It didn't take me long to become acquainted with one of the Yeoman Warders who informed me that I looked very much like he did when he was young!

The guardsmen always look so serious - I can't imagine how they can stand for so long in one place staying straight ahead- I wonder what they think about?!

Later on in the afternoon we caught the changing of the guard which was quite exciting.

Arghh, they are coming right for me!

Phew, they passed me by.

There were lots of animals dotted around the place....  

For six hundred years, the Tower of London's most exotic prisoners were animals!

The elephant was sent to England in 1255 by the King of France - the only elephant ever seen in England at this time.  

A 'School of Monkeys' first arrived around 1799, but were disbanded in when one of the monkeys 'tore a boy's leg'!

They certainly look like they are eyeing up the tourists!

Watch out, it is behind you!

The animals travelled to England from various countries in wooden crates.  

I wondered if they all survived such a journey?

Hey, I am not an exotic animal!  Let me out of here.

The only wild animals to remain today are the seven ravens (one spare) who are looked after by the Ravenmaster.

They eat at amazing 170g of raw meat a day, as well as bird biscuits soaked in blood. Yuck!  Rather them than me.  I don't even like soaking my biscuits in a cup of tea.  They also enjoy an egg once a week, a rabbit complete with fur occasionally and scrapes of fried bread.

I look at one of the guns.  

Admire the metals in the Fusiliers' Museum.  

Say hello to a gentleman all dressed up - he didn't say hello back for some reason.

Inside the White Tower I was amazed at the armoury both for the horses and men.

I got to use the Royal toilet!

Isn't the White Tower just impressive? Especially against the blue sky.

We could see the Tower Bridge.

Climbing up the steps in the White Tower

It is a long way up!

Walking along the Wall walk.

They had men with arrows on look out to protect against invaders.

Loading up his cross bow.

Looking down onto the courtyards of the homes of people who live in the Tower grounds

This was a bit grizzly - told of the 12 people who got executed during wartime.

It showed the reasons why and the things that had been found in their possession.

Well that is the end of Part One - we took a lot of photos and there was so much to do and look at.  It really was a very interesting day.  


  1. Lovely photos. I've benn twice to London but neither time did I make it to the White Tower.

    1. Oh what a shame Jeanna - it was such good fun I am sure you would have loved it - hopefully next time you go!

  2. exciting time you had, Henry! Did you see the armor of Henry VIII? Made me giggle!

    1. Sure did - I even saw chain mail underpants and they were ginominous! They had us all in giggles.

  3. Wow, Henry. That looked like such fun. We giggled at the royal toilet!
    ~ Kiki & Kimi

    1. Hi Kiki and Kimi, glad you enjoyed my post and giggled at the Royal toilet!

  4. A great post and so nice to see the Tower of London! I really enjoyed seeing the animals which surprised me. I noticed the guards are really disclipined and it is interesting to see them on the job. Thank you Henry for sharing your great time with us! :) xxx

    1. Glad you enjoyed the post - it was such a fun and interesting day.

  5. Loved the blog.
    The tower is one of the very few places in England I regret that we didn't visit when we were there.

    1. So glad you enjoyed the post Tom, but a shame you didn't get to visit the Tower when you were over here...maybe next time! ;-)