Sunday 17 January 2016

A Day Out in London - The Tower of London - Part Two

Part two of my visit to the Tower of London is mostly of the scenery and landscape around the Tower - who could resist taking so many photos on such a wonderful day?  Everything looked at its best.

Looking out from the Tower wall.   Old mixed with new...I know what I like best!  I wonder what will still be standing in another 100 - 1000 years time?!  The old I bet!

Zooming in

Close up!

Again the old with the new - the London skyline

It just doesn't look finished does it?

A courtyard

The Tower Bridge

The White Tower

This was pretty impressive!

Part of the original Roman City Wall

The steps where it is said the two bodies of the young missing princes were found.

Of course no one really knows the truth.

More fabulous views of the Tower Bridge from the White Tower

Had to take a photo of this as it made me giggle seeing Mum's name.

Little and Large

Still too big for me though.

Interesting I did see a suit of armour that might have fitted me but it was in a section we weren't allowed to take photographs in.

Now that is a pretty big book!

Oooh what is in here?   

Gunpowder, treason and plot...

An interesting looking sculpture 

The site of many beheadings....scary!

Lots more photos of Tower Bridge as the day starts to come to a close

Still standing very still....

The Bloody Tower - and no, I am not swearing!

I thought it was a bit gruesome in here.

Now Mr Polar bear - how did you get here, you were supposed to be in the previous post!

This bear was given by the King of Norway in 1252 and was allowed to swim in the Thames at the end of a long leash to catch fish.  

Time to leave....the day is coming to and end and we are tired....we didn't get to see everything, even though we had a good six hours at the castle - there really is so much to see and do.


  1. Brilliant photos Lorraine...Lel

  2. wow, Henry, You spent 6 hours there?! that is a lot of history for one little boy to absorb!

    1. Yup, near enough anyway! But we did have a yummy lunch!

  3. I really enjoyed this post Lorraine. Beautiful photos and so nice that you and Henry could spend 6 hours touring such a rich historical areas. Thank you for sharing! :) xxx

    1. So glad you enjoyed this post Ginger, we had a really lovely time, made more special doing it as a family.

  4. Henry, We were fascinated by this tour - thank you so much! It looks like the Prince of Wales has been successful in his efforts to keep the London skyline pure and free of skyscrapers. Good on him! Someday, we would like to visit London, too. Your friends, Angelo & Adam