Wednesday 30 September 2015

Down Under where the Dinosaurs Roam....Part Two

Looks like our boy had a lucky escape last year when he visited the realms of Down Under...

For what did T-Rex have in his jaws,..

...but the remains of a poor unfortunate creature.

But did this stop our adventurous lad as he peered through the fence and beyond

to see his old friend the Pteranodon and some new creatures there before him.

He peered and peered 

and thought a while

As he stared at the crocodile down yonder

the allure of those eyes, pulled at his heart...

for his love for crocodiles knows no bounds 

and so our small friend ventured down there.

He approached without much fear or worry strolling through the fields as bold as can be.

He peered at that crocodile

through some rushes and grass

and thought for just a wee while

until at last he thought it was quite safe

to make his approach to the crocodile

Our small boy walks closer

and closer

Until he can stroke the crocodile on the head

Does he know what he is doing or risking?

I don't think he has any fear at all.

After a while he decides to leave to visit the other animals 

quite unaware that he is being followed

The crocodile keeps his distance at first

Moving slowly as he follows our small boy

The boy unaware has no cares in the world as he strolls through the grasses

But it is not very long before the crocodile catches up 

and the boy is perilously close to be snapped up in the jaws of a crocodile

Could this be true, is his fate sealed?

Is our poor small boy to be devoured by a crocodile Down Under?

Or did he manage to escape?

and ride off on the back of a Moa?


This story is Copyrighted by Lorraine Tyler April/September 2015.  All Rights Reserved.


  1. Those crocodile's eyes are a bit too realistic for my liking, he's a brave lad!

  2. Oh no Henry, has that huge and hungry crocodile caught you in his jaws of steel never to be released? I am on the edge of my seat until I find out what has happened! Hopefully, you made a miraculous and safe escape and you were not a meal for that huge beast! I am staying tuned for more! ;) xxx

    1. Don't worry Aunty Ginger, I managed to escape! It was a bit touch and go for a while there though....

  3. Great story featuring our fearless adventurer 'Dear' Henry.
    Love the setting and the way the tall grasses provide excellent camouflage cover for him as he approaches the crocodile. Do so hope that he manages to escape from the crocodile’s teeth as we need him for another day and his interesting visits and adventures.

    Dinosaurs are always so irresistible aren't they? My junior school pupils were always so enthusiastic when I did a project on them and which ended with a day’s outing to see the Dinosaur park in North Wales.

    1. Thank you Kendal. Glad you enjoyed it. My friends have a wonderful setting here - it is such fun.

      Dinosaurs are the best!