Monday 2 June 2014

Time to go home to Wales.

Emrys and James are seen wandering in the garden...they are deep in discussion

The daisies have really grown haven't they?  James observes.

It is probably because it is so wet.  Emrys replies.

I thought it didn't rain as much here as it did back home in Wales...or at least that is what the rumours were, but it seems to be raining here just as much. James tells Emrys.

Yeah, so we might as well be back home really. Emrys replies.

Well if we go back home we could help search for Connor...maybe we will find him on the way home?  James suggests.

That sounds like a good you want to tell Henry or shall I?  Emrys asks James.

Why don't we both tell him.  James says.

The boys wander inside to find Henry.

Hey there, where have you been?  Henry asks.

Oh just out and about in the garden between showers.  The boys reply.

Um...Henry, we have something to tell you.  Emrys says.  

We need to be going home.  James continues.  We thought we ought to help in the search for Conner.

Henry is sad...

Hey there mate, don't be sad, we have had some good times, and you will be off soon on more adventures in Phoenix.  James tells Henry as he pats him on the back.

Henry brightens up and shakes James hand.  It has been good having you to stay.  He tells the boys.

The boys high five.

I hope you have enjoyed your time here, and not been too disappointed with the weather.  We did get to go out a few times didn't we?  Henry asks them.

Do you want to help us pack?  The boys ask Henry.

Sure.   Henry replies and they head off to pack their bags...not forgetting their waistcoats and socks that were made for them


  1. The boys are safely home and interviewing everybody about the last time their little brother, Connor, was seen.
    They are also boasting about everything they can think of - How wonderful the weather in England was, the stately homes they went to visit, the beautiful socks and waistcoats Auntie Lorraine made for them, the new mates they made at Henry's house and how they kept a strict eye on Henry's home, family and dogs whilst he was on his trip to New Zealand and Australia. I have suggested they take over the runnng of the house here, but they say they are too busy being detectives.
    Thank you for putting up with my sometimes big-headed brothers!
    Harri xx

  2. Lovely farewells Lorraine. The waistcoats and socks are fabulous :)