Sunday 10 August 2014

Wales: Aberystwth Castle & A Train

Guess where I have been?

Wales!  Here I am at Aberystwth Castle...although I am not quite sure how to say it!  This amazing castle must have been quite a sight in its day, but it is very decayed and in ruins now.  Still great fun to explore though.

Situated right on the waters edge on the hill you can see that it must have been a great vantage point to keep an eye out for enemy raiders.  Of course the closeness to the sea must have been part of the cause of the decay - pounding sea, salt, and winds all adding to the process.

I sit on the cannon and imagine the power it must have had

The weather was perfect, even though the day started out raining...hence the gumboots/Wellington boots.

I managed to do some climbing which of course I love.  

A great way to explore the nooks and crannies.

Higher and higher I climb.

The sign was in both Welsh and English...pity Emrys and James weren't with me, they could have explained what it said...and even spoken some Welsh to me.  The sign was very worn so it was difficult to read.

Some more climbing to get to the top.

Walking through corridors of the castle and imagining how it must have been hundreds of years ago when it was first built.

I think it must have been quite a cold place, especially in the winter when the winds were howling in off the sea.

Contemplating as I go...

The remains of one of the majestic towers behind me, with the sea behind that.

Striking a pose.

Before long we had to make our way back to the train station as we had come to Aberystwth on the train from Devils Bridge.

Before we hoped on the train at Devils Bridge

I should have bought my train drivers outfit with me!  If only I'd known...

Sitting on the train....

It was quite packed and I would have liked a window view...

Getting a cuddle from 'Dad'.

Yeah, got a chance to look out the window, but not until we got to the station....fortunately on our way home I did get to sit by the window.

Approaching the station.

Station sign.

Getting off the train.

A picture of the engine.

Some views of the valley on our way back to Devils Bridge

It was absolutely beautiful.

A very enjoyable and fun day out...I LOVE castles AND trains!


  1. I think Aber-Us-Tooth is as near as dammit, Henry!

    1. Do you think so? Not sure that is what I heard...but it was mighty confusing that is for sure.

  2. Lovely photo's Lorraine, Wales is a lovely part of the world for its scenery and i am so glad Henry likes Trains. He may yet board one of my trains. Theresa x

    1. Do you drive trains Theresa? How exciting! We loved Wales...such a beautiful place indeed.

  3. I love Aber-rist-withhh (that is the way we were taught to promounce it when we lived in Wales), I have very happy memories of some great street and fair organ festivals there about 20 years ago. Looks like you had great fun exploring.

    1. That looks like how Mum pronounced it :-) It is a wonderful place isn't it? I bet the organ festivals were a lot of fun.

  4. Great series of photos. My favorite is the one with the tower. Also nice to see Marc smiling again! Love, Fanny

  5. Wonderful Henry, looks like you and Dad had a great time, especially on the train! I love clambering over rocky castles too, there are plenty of ruins here in Northumberland x

    1. Maybe one day we will get to explore Northumberland as well!

  6. I too am a great fan of Wales with it's interesting beaches, small villages with their stone built cottages, wild hilly moorland landscapes, deep valleys and rugged rocks and castle remains.
    Great for outdoor activity holidays.
    So pleased to hear that you had a super week away.

    1. Wales was just wonderful Aunty Kendal and we really enjoyed our time there. In fact I think we all wanted to stay - away from people, noise and the general hustle and bustle and stresses of life. No internet was wonderful as well - or at least that is what Mum said. Too much 'stuff' happens with modern day technology, not all good. Although I think being able to blog and keep in contact with friends this way is pretty cool.... She said she misses the good old fashioned letter writing and the excitement of getting something in the post!

  7. I loved these photos of the beautiful Wales scenery and Henry! It looks like a wonderful holiday!! Thank you for sharing!! :) xxx