Friday 6 February 2015

My Photo Story books have arrived!

Yeah!  My Year Book and my Down Under book have arrived.

One of these will be printed as a hardback and donated to the Sasha Festival in Fort Worth, Dallas in July this year.  Not sure which one yet though!

A few pages from my Year Book....

and a few pages below from my Down Under book of my adventures in Australia and New Zealand.

The photo on the bottom right hand side isn't really faded - it is just the light reflecting in from the window.

We are so pleased with these books.  


  1. What a creative and fun book

  2. Wow, the books look like a great idea.

  3. Beautiful books Lorraine. Henry must really enjoy seeing the photos of his many happy times and fun adventures! :) xxx

  4. I love the books ,you have every right to be proud of the & Ilove you posts