Wednesday 20 July 2016

Niagara Falls - Here I Come!

I do indeed!

Hi there, ready for an adventure at Niagara Falls - I am!

Oh a tantalising glimpse of a fast running river through the trees.

A bridge!  The rainbow bridge which crosses over from the USA to Canada

Waiting patiently...or not as the case may be!

Looking we catch the boat down there?  

I am so excited...we were among the first to arrive early on Tuesday morning.

Norvell and I are dressed and ready.

Oops, sorry Norvell, I am facing forwards now - was trying to get a sneak view of the Falls.

There they are!

Oh my how exciting, they are huge!

Off we go....

Not getting wet yet, but I am prepared!

It was pretty crowded on the very first trip of the day on board the Maid of the Mist...perhaps we should have gone on the second one, but never mind we still got to see and experience the Falls.

I see a bird in the water.

You can just see a viewing platform and steps down to the bottom - we didn't notice these on board the boat, but only after we looked at these photos.  I guess you have to approach this from another side of the falls.  Would be great fun.

Getting closer...that is the Canadian side.

With my friend Norvell.  We are getting rather wet!  But it was well worth it - very exhilarating underneath the falls.  We absolutely loved it..

Back at base and watching the next lot board the boat - this is probably the one we should have gone on - far less people. 

A rainbow!

Waiting patiently...



Under the rainbow...well almost.

The Canadian boat actually under the rainbow - how neat is that?

Looking back at the falls from on high.

Hey there

Here I am!  

Looking across to Canada - Can we go over there?

Oh look...seems we can walk over to Canada - how exciting is that?

Crossing the bridge we look back and see the viewing platform we had stood on.

Was it really that high?

We look down at the little blue ants getting on and off the Maid of the Mist.

Watch as all boats ferry people back and forth to see the Falls up close and personal.

Look at me!

Wheeee!  Crossing the border!

Just spectacular

Just loving the views.

We are in Canada!  Pretty gardens, very neat and tidy.

A different view of the falls.

Hi there!  

Can we get going now?  I want to see more.

Lots more photos...

Riding in a rather undignified manner when I got a bit tired from all the walking in the heat.

Checking out the local law enforcement and having a ride on their bike.

These guys were great!

Thanks for being such great sports.  

Just catching a last close up of the Falls before we left...

Hope you enjoyed my photos - there really don't do justice to the whole experience which was simply amazing.  


  1. Henry, you are a great travel companion!

  2. Henry, you do have an affinity for law enforcement...I suspect you will want to be a bobby when you grow up!! Good thing you had your Gore-tex jacket that Auntie Barbie made to keep you dry!!

    1. Ha ha, I do indeed - I thought this would make you laugh Aunty Marti... It was a very good thing I had my special Gore-tex jacket that Auntie Barbie made me - hope she reads this post to see it!

  3. You Did make it over to Canada! Wheeee! Looks like so much fun!

    1. It was such fun! Wish we could have got to meet you! But 'a little' out of our way this time ;-)

  4. Great photos! Watching some of them, I thought I could almost hear and smell the water.
    It was very clever to catch the Canadian boat under the rainbow.

    1. We took a video of the falls but for some reason it didn't come out - or we 'lost' it which is a shame as then you could have at least got to hear the water. It was such fun.

  5. Wow Henry, not just the USA but Canada too! I'm glad you very sensibly kept your hood up while viewing the falls - I guess it was worth a few more lost hairs for that amazing sight of the waterfall. You'll be wanting to travel to Africa next to see the Victoria falls (a sight my mother saw back in the 1960s).

    1. Yes worth losing a few more hairs - although it is a bit embarrassing the amount of bald patches I have now!

      How wonderful your mother got to see Victoria Falls. Not sure if Mum will let me travel to Africa, even though it is also another beautiful place to visit.

  6. I visited Niagara Falls for the first time over this past Memorial Day weekend and loved it. So beautiful! It's great that you made it to the Canadian side (I didn't have a current passport). They say the view is even more impressive there. Henry's rain gear is much more fashionable than the plastic "garbage bag" ponchos that they give out to the tourists.

    1. Oh how wonderful that you got to visit Niagara Falls as well - The views are impressive from both sides - would love to have been able to spend even more time there.

      Yes Henry's jacket was much better than our 'garbage bag' ponchos - although have to admit I did bring it home for some strange reason!

  7. LoooL! some of these photos made me laugh-thank you so much for that. I love this blog! I must get back into taking photos of my dolls :)

  8. Wow wee Lorraine, your photos of Niagara Falls are just fantastic! I am so glad you and Norvell and Henry were able to ride the Maid of the Mist! I so enjoyed this post. The Falls are so awesome and the rainbows are delightful to see. I can tell you all had a wonderful time visiting and walking from the USA to Canada! How special is that! Thank you for a great post! :) xxx