Friday 11 November 2016

Isle of Wight Holiday: Yarmouth Castle

On 12th October we went to Yarmouth Castle.

This castle is quite small compared to some we have been to.

It was still interesting

Even if it didn't take us that long to explore it!

We went into the Magazine store

Enjoyed reading about it.

I went exploring and had quite a bit of fun.

This was the original entrance.

Oooh what is for dinner?

Up the steps and peeking into places

That goes a long way down.

You can guess what this used to be!

Looking out over the water, you can see why this castle was built where it was.

It was cold this particular morning, but nevertheless a gorgeous sunny day.

I of course had to inspect the canon.  

After exploring the Castle we had a walk round the little township and enjoyed a nice lunch in a nearby Cafe.  We then headed off to our next destination!


  1. It looks like an interesting little castle. I am glad to see you were warmly dressed for the nippy breeze.