Tuesday 29 January 2019

Trees on Tuesday

Two outings in two days!  Yeah, it was good to get out again today.  Rain was forecast for today...originally it was snow, but then it changed to rain, but this morning was nice so we took the opportunity while we could.   This time we walked from home and didn't have to drive to get to the park which is only just over a mile away.

There were plenty of trees to scramble over and up.

Today I discovered my coat was reversible so thought it would be fun to wear it with the other side showing.

I'm also wearing my new jeans that Mum made this morning, but you can't really see them.  

I find some snowdrops by one of the small ponds.

Standing on one of the big rhododendrons.  These look fabulous in the spring when they are in flower.

The lakes were partially frozen, so not much to see really.

The sun was out a little bit though as you can see my shadow.

All in all another pleasant morning out.  


  1. Wearing your coat this way out certainly helps us to see you more clearly as you explore the surrounding woodland and lake.

    1. Definitely fun having a coat that is fully reversible. It was lovely out.