Friday 23 April 2021

Happy St Georges Day!

Henry has heard that some dragons have taken up residence in the Gunnera plants...

The evidence is pretty clear...

the Gunnera has lots of singed leaves

Sure enough there they are!

Fearless Henry dismounts and approaches sword in hand

Upon sight of Henry

The larger of the two opens his mouth and breathes fire at him.

Henry is unperturbed 

The second sees Henry

and with an angry look also breathes out fire to try and scare Henry off

But Henry is fearless...

and slays the dragons...


an extra stab of the sword to make sure!

Triumphant Henry!

Disclaimer:  No dragons were hurt in the production of this story.
The Gunnera has been frost damaged unfortunately.



  1. Great stuff Henry, good job we have you to defeat the dragon!
    Glad to see there are some patriots left in England.
    Happy St George's Day to all.

  2. very good acting by both the dragons and Henry! (no credit to give to the Gunnera! lol!)

    1. Poor Gunnera, we do hope it recovers, it gives shelter to the fish from the naughty Herons who think the pond is their breakfast bar! We want to take the net off for the summer.

  3. YAY! for Henry and his mighty sword!! I think we should add Dragon Slayer to Henry's name. 😁
    Big hugs,

    1. I think I could cope with Dragon Slayer King Henry! ;) That sounds pretty cool.