Saturday 8 August 2015

Dallas, Texas: Dallas Heritage Village - Part Three

Continuing the tour around the Heritage Village we next come across the Sullivan House. 

Built in 1885 as part of an enclave of homes in 'The Cedars' a fashionable neighbourhood near downtown Dallas.

This house was occupied by the same family for nearly 100 years!

The sitting room

Lovely crazy patchwork throw

The Master Bedroom

Dresses hanging on the wardrobe - very fashionable for the times.

Continuing on to other rooms - so much to look at.

This room looked really interesting!

Another bedroom.

Doll on the chair

Dolls on the bed.

Dining room with a lovely flower arrangement.

Mr Sullivan sold plumbing supplies and gas pipe fittings and fitted a modern bathroom to the house.  It was one of the first indoor bathrooms in Dallas - was very modern for the time...not much has changed in our bathrooms today!

This made us laugh!

The Parlour

Oh!  What is that?!

A bear!  Poor thing :-(

Now this type of bear is more agreeable.

Outside of the house was a hurricane shelter.

Next up is the Blum house which is next in line for major repairs and restoration.  This house was built in a Queen Anne Style by a local carpenter hired by David Colonel George for his new bride Verner Elsie McPherson in 1900.  Today this house is is used to represent the life of a traditional observant Jewish Family.

The kitchen

Dinning room

Multi-purpose high chair - this chair had many uses, from potty, high chair, pram - almost anything you could think of!

Writing bureau and bookcase.

Front bedroom with its pretty blue bedspread

The Parlour - with the all important piano.

The children's bedroom 

Toys!  I wanted to play with those.

Another bedroom with a crazy patchwork quilt

I think this was currently being used as a store room.

Some information about the walls.

Lots more to come....Doctors Office, Saloon, Store....


  1. Thank you Henry! It is so nice to see the inside of the Sullivan House! I enjoyed seeing the furniture, the decor and the things that were used in daily living. It is always nice to see dolls there! What a great visit! :) xxx

    1. The furniture was wonderful. Sometimes I think it was so much nicer than some of the furniture we have today - it was made to last. Always great to see dolls and other toys.

  2. Getting to see some of the surrounding areas to the festivals is such fun and an added bonus.

    1. Indeed, it would be a shame to only go to the Festival and not visit and learn about the surrounding location as well.