Monday 20 June 2016

Cornwall Holiday 2016 - Trewidden Garden

One of our favourite gardens we visited while in Cornwall was Trewidden  Garden.

This garden is in the care of the Bolitho family who originally purchased the gardens in the 19th Century and planted in the mid-19th Century by Thomas Bedford Bolitho.  These 15 acres have a beautiful collection of Magnolias, Camellias and Tree Ferns - I would imagine it would have been even more spectacular earlier in the year.  

Beautiful orange rhododendron seen just as you start to walk into the gardens.

It was quite cold today and Mum 'froze' but I was okay :-)

Peggy Sue and I really enjoyed strolling through these gardens.

There was lots to see and do.

Look!  A whale's tale in the middle of the pond.  This was a christening present to Alverne Bolitho's eldest son Thomas. What an original christening present indeed.

This tree was pretty incredible

This tells a little about this poor tree that has seen better days but is still holding on to life as best as it can.

More shots of the Whale's tail.

We see if we can spot any tadpoles.

None to be seen today.

Another 'Champion' tree 

A phone box!

What a funny place to have a phone box...

We wondered if it was a bit like the Dr Who Tardis.

Unfortunately the handle was a bit too high for us to go in!

The Sailor 

Making a call!  As you can see dressed for a lovely warm summer (not!)

A pretty water fall feature.

Ponds with pretty water lilies.

A vinery.

Here I am!

These plants were really tall

with pretty little blue flowers on them.

A bottle brush!

A lot of these are seen in New Zealand so this brought some happy memories to Mum.

A magnificent old Redwood that looked a bit like it had come out of a fairy tale.

As we were leaving we spotted this wonderful old car in the car park.

Trewidden was lovely.  The staff were ever so friendly and welcoming in and the food was delicious, another place we will definitely visit again!


  1. I'm amazed at the variety of plants and flowers in these gardens. Bottle brush is one of my favorite plants, too, and did not know they grew in England. The hummingbirds love those flowers!

    1. Down in Cornwall especially they have a huge variety of plants - and things that you can't grow anywhere else in the UK especially well. So many of them remind me of home as well which I think is why I like it so much down there.

      Next post is even more photo heavy I am afraid - I am not very good at picking just a few photos!

  2. Another wonderful visit full of superb photos. Loved the twisted trunked trees and colourful flowering shrubs and adored those giant free standing pond vessels filled with water and the flowering lilies. What a terrific idea instead of the more usual natural ponds.
    Sorry tohear that the weather was more on the cooler side that day but one wouldn't know looking at these photos.

  3. I never knew there were so many beautiful gardens in Cornwall. Some lovely photos of very interesting plants!

  4. Fantastic garden and I love the whale's tail but my favorite is the amazing redwood tree that reminds me of an octopus at rest. A wonderful post! :) xxx