Saturday 18 June 2016

Cornwall Holiday 2016 - Trebah Gardens

The first full day in Cornwall we visited Trebah Gardens, and wow, what a treat that was, they were beautiful.  These gardens are set in a wooded valley and were planted over 175 years ago!  That is a LONG time!  What a beautiful paradise full of sub-tropical plants that grow and thrive so well down here in Cornwall.

We start our walk on what adds up to four miles of footpaths!

Peggy Sue is game...

...and so am I!

The view from the top - you can glimpse the water down below.

Zooming in....

Hitty Madge enjoyed the yellow flowers.

Exotic plants 

The Koi pool

I enjoyed watching them swim around and so did the Sailor - you can see him just behind me.

Big fish!

I sit there for a while, just watching and enjoying the beauty.

We move on down the path

A small waterfall feature.

Peggy Sue joins me again - she had been wandering around on her own for a bit.

We continue on down the garden.

Such a lovely walk.  It was reasonably quiet and not too many people which was nice.

Another water feature.

Mum had a hard time getting us to focus for the camera., there was always so much to see we kept getting distracted.

Time for a sit down.

We saw this fledgling who let us take a photo.

Walking across a bridge, we discuss which way to go next.  This was the Gunnera Passage - huge tunnel of giant rhubarb - humungus leaves! You see these quite a lot down in Cornwall.

Looking back up to the house.

Getting a closer look.

The Mallard Pond - not that we saw any!

Some of the hydrangeas were starting to flower.  There is a whole valley of these, but we were a bit early for them.

The bridge - the scene for many a romantic picture if you are so inclined!

Down on the beach - this is a private beach situated on the Helford Estuary

It was a shame the sky wasn't blue, but it was still warm enough to enjoy and stop for an ice cream.

We just loved looking out at the water.

I was tempted to go for a swim, but we hadn't brought our swimming costumes with us and Peggy Sue thought it would be too cold.

This was also the site where 7,500 men from the 29th US Infantry Division embarked from Trebah beach on 1st June 1944 for the D-Day Landings.

I thought all my American friends would be especially interested in this.

A memorial plaque.

May we always remember, and never forget!

A little later, out on the water a sailing ship came in.

The sky was starting to look a little more blue 

and more people were sitting and enjoying the late afternoon sunshine.

Such loveliness.

Looking out over the water

Some cows enjoying the late afternoon warmth as well.

This one seemed to be really soaking up the sunshine with pleasure.

More views.

We found a flying fox and all had fun on that!

The Sailor

Even Peggy Sue was game!

Loch Ness monster down spotted down in Cornwall!

The Sailor enjoying the afternoon sunshine.

While we were sitting down a cheeky little robin came over to say hello.

These are such wonderful inquisitive birds

Having a good listen and look round.

Some more photos - just because it was so lovely and probably one of the best days weather wise we had!

Looking across to beach at the bottom of Glendurgan Gardens which we visited in a few years ago and also the following day.

Before we left we sat and chatted about our day and just simply enjoyed the beauty of it all.

We all highly enjoyed this day out.  The Cafe was also very good serving lovely food.  The gardens were dog friendly and we and Percy were made to feel very welcome.  We will certainly come here again.


  1. What a lovely start to your Cornish holiday, the gardens of Cornwall are wonderful, though I have not visited this one. How lucky to get such a stunning series of close ups of that Robin. I think your mum will be relieved you did not go swimming!

  2. So good to read from you again, Henry! What a lovely place to visit. I've never seen giant rhubarbs before, how tall are they? Tell your mum she's a great photographer, all the pictures would make beautiful postcards. I enjoyed watching them so much.

  3. This are really good photos! Henry, you and Peggy Sue are so lucky to get to see the Loch Ness Monster! teehee!!!
    ~ Kiki

  4. What a lovely adventure you had with Peggy Sue. Your Mum takes wonderful photos of a very special place. See you soon.