Tuesday 12 April 2016

A Lot of Steps....Whananaki, New Zealand

On a bright and sunny day...

...my adventures in New Zealand took me to....

...the longest footbridge in the Southern Hemisphere

At 395 metres that is a lot of steps!

Especially my size steps!

I stop half way to admire the view.

I continue walking.

It feels like it is going on forever!

I stop again...

...and watch a dog swimming in the water.

What a lovely place indeed!


  1. A very lovely place to visit. What a long foot bridge! But Henry is always up for adventure and so nice to see the puppy enjoying the water. :) xxx

    1. It was a lovely place indeed. So peaceful and beautiful.

  2. Welcome home Henry! You have the most interesting adventures. Thanks for sharing them. We are learning a lot.

  3. Hi Henry. You were up north while we are down south! Next time, we have to meet in person. That's quite some bridge; I'm not sure I'd want to go across it without a life jacket! Your friend, Angelo

    1. That would be great! We will probably be back in NZ at the same time next year.