Sunday 10 April 2016

Waro Rocks, New Zealand

On a beautiful day we went to see the Waro Rocks, Lake Waro and had an enjoyable walk around the Yvonne Stewart track.

The lake was simply breathtaking on such a wonderful day.

The History of the Lake can be read about here.

The large rock formations were everywhere.

I loved the way the clouds were reflected in the lake.

It was very hot so was good to walk in the shade. 

This beautiful lake has been made from what was the quarry at what is now this lovely Scenic Reserve.  More can be read about it here and here.

There were information boards at various points around the walk which made it all the more interesting..

Some black shags and paradise ducks were spotted.

Just gazing at the beauty and tranquillity of it all.

I really loved this place.  Hard to believe it was once a busy working quarry.


  1. Welcome back Henry from your NZ adventures. Waro rocks old quarry looks like a lovely place for a peaceful walk now even though once it was a noisy place.

  2. Good to read from you again, Henry!
    Beautiful photos of a beautiful landscape.

  3. we've missed you, Henry!! those rocks look great for climbing...I'll bet you did a lot of that!!

  4. Glad you are home, and glad you had such wonderful adventures. Looking forward to seeing you later this year. Norvell