Friday 30 September 2016

Cornwall Holiday - Lydford Gorge

On the first day of our holiday, on the way to Cornwall we stopped off at Lydford Gorge, a National Trust property.  This lovely valley had amazing rock formations which were carved out by the River Lyd over the last 10,000 years!  The woodland walk was really enjoyable and we had a really lovely time indeed.  It was the perfect place to take a break from the driving.

The paths were generally well laid out and pretty easy walking.

I was ready to stretch my legs after sitting in the car for a couple of hours.

In places it was a little bit steeper, but still not bad. 

There were some foot bridges to cross.

Percy of course came with us.

Some of the steps were quite steep...fortunately we had to go down these...although of course this meant that at some stage there would be steps to go back up as well1

People have a strange habit of putting coins in old tree stumps over here...I have seen this sort of thing before!

I take a closer look at some of the coins.

This leaf had lots of holes in it!

Meandering streams


The 30 metre high 'Whitelady Waterfall'.  

There wasn't a lot of water coming down it today.

Ta da!

Looking back at the waterfall, you can get a better idea of how high it was.

Love listening to the trickling water

This place really is quite magical.

Down some steps and through a tunnel in the rocks.

Boy on a mission - that's me!

Percy was fascinated with the leaves in the stream.

These steps were steep!

Very pretty.

Oh what do we have here?

Knock, knock, anyone home?

Lots of interesting trees that I enjoyed clambering over.

Devils Cauldron and Tucker's pool.

This was so atmospheric in here.

You could really let your imagination run wild in here if you wanted to.

This was a funny looking creature!

Some more wood sculptures at the end of our walk.

What a truly wonderful place this was.  We really enjoyed our time here and were so glad we stopped and took some time out of our journey to explore the Lydford Gorge.


  1. Wonderful Lorrain...thank you for sharing, we plan to visit Cornwall next year & will be adding this place to our list. Jane

    1. Yes you must Jane, it was a really lovely place to visit and the perfect place to break the journey.

  2. was this back in the Summer or have you visited Cornwall again this September? It looks like such a lovely place to visit Henry with some especially interesting things to look at along the way, isn't nature wonderful.

    1. We have just had a week there again :-) Took the Sailor and his Fiancee down there.

  3. SO Beautiful!!!
    and your doggy is very cute :)
    great photos of Henry

    1. Thank you, glad you enjoyed! Percy is rather a cutie.

      Henry blushes ;-)

  4. Hi, Henry, you have managed to climb on rocks and trees all over the world! love the pics! Stanley didn't get to come along?

    1. Stanley did go Aunty Marti, but he is in photos on Mum's blog :-) He loved his first holiday away with us.

  5. What a gorgeous place - I would love to go there. Thanks, Henry! - Jocelyn