Monday 3 October 2016

Cornwall Holiday - Cotehele Tudor House and Mill.

Due to running out of time last time we were in Cornwall, we didn't get to visit Cotehele.  This time we did and it was worth the wait.  This amazing place was home to the Edgcumbe family since 1353 and for nearly six centuries it remained in their ownership, right up until 1947 when the 6th Earl of Mout Edgcumbe, Kenelm, passed it on to the National Trust.  Because of this a lot of the furniture  and furnishings are original to the house, little changing over the years.  It was really interesting to walk through not only this home, but also the groups it stands on.  The guides were very informative and what they had to tell us was very interesting.

Lots of photos to tell the story!

It wasn't cold enough to have the fire lit today.

Lots of stairs leading up.

The chapel window

Behind me the flooring has its original tiles.

This is where they kept the drinks!

Some cute little weaving looms.

This amazing piece is actual embroidery, built up in layers a bit like decoupage 

Ooh I wonder what is through here?!

I sit in the tin bath...

...completely unaware


Get me out of here!

Some of the inner timber works.

Fancy amore

Inside the bread oven, a candle lights it up.

More embroidery.

The outside.

The view was pretty amazing.

The Sailor and his Lady.

One of the old barns is used as a Discovery Centre

Down by the Quay

We walked up to the Mill which was really interesting, so much to see!

An old saw pit - one person would have stood in the pit and they would have got covered with sawdust and shavings - not an especially pleasant job!


Ooh, free passage to Australia!

Grinding the wheat into flour.

Doesn't look too difficult?

Tools of the trade.

The actual mill wheel had been going round, but stopped just as I got there.

More of the huge rhubarb type leaves that a feature of many gardens in Cornwall.


  1. Thank you Henry for taking us on such wonderful and educational trips.

    1. You are welcome Dorisanne, so glad you enjoyed this post : -)

  2. WOW! What a trip!!!! Caroline wishes she could have been there with you. Norvell

    1. Wouldn't that have been wonderful?! I haven't had a travelling companion or anyone to stay for ages! Although Mum says it is lighter with just me!

  3. wow, that looks like a fun trip!!

  4. Wonderful photos - thank you, Henry! - Jocelyn

    1. You are welcome Jocelyn, so glad you enjoyed them.

  5. What a grand place! Just imagine living there...
    I don't do any more doll house crafting, but these photos are full of inspiration. Thank you for sharing Henry!

    1. So glad you enjoyed all the photos. Wouldn't it be wonderful to live there - plenty of room! Definitely full of inspiration.

  6. So much to see and so beautiful. I like the photo of Henry with the little loom. Perhaps he will be inspired to take up weaving.

    1. Isn't that loom cute? I wonder indeed if Henry will be inspired to take up looks like such fun.

  7. A very wonderful post with Henry and how nice to see more of Cornwall. The Tudor house and the Mill are very interesting. I am glad Henry got away from the big spider, he was huge! ;) xxx