Thursday 20 October 2016

Cornwall Holiday - On the Way Home: Montecute House

On the way home from Cornwall we stopped at Montecute House.  It was built by Sir Edward Phelips in 1598, a wealthy ambitious lawyer and member of Queen Elizabeth 1's Parliament.  The aim of this magnificent house was to advertise his loft position and success.

This was another really interesting place to look around, although this time we couldn't go in the house as we had the dogs with us.  

A wibbly wobbly hedge.

Can you spot me?

Here I am!

Lovely grounds to walk around...okay so I am standing on the wall at the moment.

Pretty waterfall

Close up.

Walking towards this grand house.

I stop and wait a while.

Contemplating with the sun shining on me

What it must have been like to live in a mansion such as this.

Looking through the windows of the little gate house.

Interesting plant.

Big white tendrils of flowers.

We enjoyed walking round the pretty garden.

Lovely purple flowers.

I had a sniff, but they didn't really smell.

Little sentries on guard.

Just look at that avenue!

Some close ups of the lovely flowers - well Mum thought they were lovely!

Expansive grounds.

We would have liked to have spent longer here, but we needed to continue on our journey home and the Sailor wanted to get back as he was on a course the following day and had to fly to Amsterdam early the next morning. 

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