Tuesday 18 October 2016

Cornwall Holiday - Tintagel Post Office.

After we left Tintagel Castle we walked into Tintagel Village and had a look round the old Post Office.  Amazingly this building was first built over 600 years ago during the Middle ages as a farmhouse, although it has been modified over the centuries since.  It has been used for many purposes, but it has always been a home as well.  It was last used as a post office, letter-receiving office for the village during the 1870s.

There were five rooms to explore.

One of the bedrooms had a most wonderful quilt.

The parlour - the fire was out today though.

This is a big stove!

The chairs were in front of it so that when it was lit the people could keep warm.

Another bedroom.

The quilt looked very cosy,  although the bed a little lumpy!

Two old rag dolls.

I can't reach the table!

Bellows for the fire.

Having a closer look.

A little miniature house in the garden.

Looking back at the house.

The front entrance with a post box inset in the wall.

Looking at it from across the road.

I have been to both Tintagel Castle and the Post Office before back in 2012 before I had my own blog - you can see the post here. 


  1. The quilt is amazing! I also like the chairs net to the fireplace.
    You visit the most interesting places, Henry!

  2. What a wonderful old building. I liked the quilt too, and also the miniature house. I'll bet Henry felt like a giant next to it!

  3. Thank you sharing the lovely photos. I especially loved the rag dolls and the miniature building. A great post! :) xxx