Thursday 6 October 2016

Cornwall Holiday - Tintagel

Tintagel Castle...

A place of mystery and legends...

Tales of King Arthur and Merlin...

History and legend combined

Tintagel has been occupied since at least the late Roman period and became a thriving settlement in the Dark Ages.  It was in the 12th Century that it became named as the place Arthur was conceived and it is probably this link that inspired the Earl of Cornwall, Richard, to build his castle here during the 1230s.  It must have been quite a bleak place to live as it is pretty cold and windy up on the top, but you can see why it was thought to be a great place for a settlement as you would be able to see any invaders from afar  and stop them in their tracks.

Down in the bay is a waterfall

They mystical Merlin's Cave.

I sat here a while and imagined what it must have been like a long time ago and I could well understand how it became known as a place of legends.

Views of the bay.

Getting higher now, and windier!

I sat on the rocks to regain my breath.

To watch and stare at the changing scenes as the waves crashed on the rocks below.

Looking through...

Helpful and interesting signs that gave insight about the different parts of the castle and when they were built.

This pot is taller than me!

Remains of a Dark Age settlement

Climbing up - the Sailor and his girl.

Looking down on the village

Waves crashing on the rocks.

Sculpture inspired by the tales of King Arthur and Tintagel's royal past.

I tried to be friendly, but he was very serious.

Looking across the island there is a church in the distance.

Zooming in, the people look like little ants.

The Priest's tale...

Goodness, what a hard life!

Looking down on the ruins, it really is quite spectacular.

Yes we had to go down these...but first we had to climb up them!!!

Back down in the little village we had a delicious lunch in the English Heritage Cafe - it was the best lunch we had the whole time in Cornwall - delicious!

On our way back to Tintagel Village itself we turn and look back.

Coastguard Helicopter flew over - we hope no one was in trouble.


  1. What a magical place! And the weather provided great light for some really lovely photos. How good of you to wear the yellow raincoat that day Henry, it adds a splash of bright colour.
    Poor Merlin must have been very cold in that damp cave though.

  2. We've been there several years ago on a couple of caravan holidays when Laura's girl was about 4 or 5. The castle remains are fascinating and we remember that beach and the cave too. I am glad you were sensible and wore your raincoat with all that sea spray.

  3. Hi Henry, I have been in Cornwall last year, its nice to see all the lovely pictures and places again. Are you going to Mt. Saint Michael and the Minack Theatre too?

  4. Henry, You didn't maybe run into the Duchess of Cornwall, did you? I'd have loved to have taken tea with Her Royal Highness; she seems very nice. Your friend, Angelo

  5. Another great post in beautiful Cornwall. I paricularly love the photos looking through the rocks to the sea beyond. It looks like you had a wonderful time! :) xxx