Wednesday 19 October 2016

Cornwall Holiday - Colliford Lake

After we visited Tintagel we went on to Colliford Lakes.  On the way there we saw some fabulous Highland Cattle.


Wonderful looking beasts aren't they?

Aw...look at this cutie.

We admired a butterfly sunning itself:

Colliford Lake is a reservoir on Bodmin Moor.  It covers more than 900 acres!  Wow, that is pretty big!  It is the second largest lake in Cornwall.  

We had an enjoyable walk and the dogs enjoyed themselves.

Not sure what happened to the photos of me!


  1. Stunning photos of the butterfly! And the Highland cattle look so cuddly - if you don't look too close at their horns.
    The lake is a beautiful place. Seems you had a great time there Henry; too bad Mummy lost your photos.

    1. The Highland cattle look cuddly, but they are not, Pop in NZ had some and they gored him in the chest with their horns!

  2. Highland cattle in Cornwall, whatever next! I agree, they are beautiful though. Were you in disguise that day or wearing an invisibility cloak?

    1. Ah, that must have been it, I was wearing my invisibility cloak!