Saturday 22 October 2016

Isle of Wight Holiday: Godshill Model Village

This is where we went on our first full day on IOW.  We took LOTS of photos as it was such a fascinating place and we wanted to share with those who can't come here.  Grab yourself a cuppa and a biscuit (or two!), sit down and enjoy!

Mum last went here when she was about 4 years old and still has memories of the enjoyment she got from the visit as well as photos of her time there.  Of course it has changed in many ways over the years, and is a testament to the people who own it and had such a wonderful vision of how the model village should develop.  The upkeep of it is amazing and the attention to detail incredible.  Your really could come back here again and again and see something new.

As you walk into the village to your left is the airfield modelled in the style of airstrips used on the Island in the 1920s and 30s.

I wander round in awe.

Peak into the little houses.

I hope to catch the little people at work and play.

I am not disappointed!  This guy has been hard at work in the garden.

His wife brings him something to eat and drink.

Must be thirsty work.

This was pretty amazing...within the village there is a model village created in 1/100th scale and within that yet another at 1/1000th scale!  Is that not incredible?

Such attention to detail.

Peggy Sue and I had such fun wandering round this village.

We watched dog training sessions.

Discovered amazing thatched buildings

Saw hot air balloons.

Cute thatched cottages.

The All Saints Church.

Looks like there is a wedding in progress!

The newly married couple.

We spied a man with his dogs.

We think he must have come back from taking them for a walk.

Some gypsies camping in the nearby fields.

Shanklin Beach front and The Chine.

Looks like there were some holiday makers enjoying the good weather.

Air ship.

Cricketers were out playing..

This is all part of the Chine.

I spy on the veranda... 

Two people snoozing!

The local police man, postie were out doing their rounds and a lady was about to use the telephone box.

Music could be heard at the bandstand.

A train!  I love trains.

Oh wow, a train carrying dinosaurs, even better!

Plus animals for the zoo.

An archaeological dig - cool!

A  game of tennis anyone?

A school...

For young ladies no less...hey Peggy Sue you could go here?!

Archery lessons.

Look Peggy Sue, scouts camping.

I bet they are having such a lot of fun. 

The Sailor and his Fiancee 

Another church.

We see if we can spy what is going on at the Church.

Another hot air balloon.

Foot ball game in progress...


Looks like there is a streaker! 

Some jeering, or is that cheering from the sideline?!

Running races.

I wonder who will win?

Peering into another garden.

We watch for a while then continue wandering round.

Some kind of open air theatre?

We find some little shops.

Peggy Sue peeps through the windows.  Toys!

I look at the cakes...starting to make me feel peckish.

Seems that just sitting in the countryside is tiring  - we spy another couple snoozing.

A farmer and his pigs.

Looks like they have had little ones.

Pony club gymkhana.

Look Peggy Sue, just like our Summer Gymkhana last year!

Hmm...looks like this pony didn't want to do the jumps.

Rosettes are given out to the winners.

To keep the gardens maintained, lots of hard work is involved, trimming trees, mowing lawns, digging and weeding.

I spy...

Someone cleaning the windows...

Finally to the top of the Chine 

We see a couple of Nuns with some school boys on their way back up.

The Entrance - looks like a couple have been down and come back up again.

On the bridge looking at the waterfall?

Just enjoying the tranquillity.


Here we are!

Mum and Dad!

The Sailor and his girl.

We did have a laugh!

Looking back across the village before we leave.

Must be time for lunch!


  1. Oh, What an absolute delight! The boys of Gregoropolis loved seeing this. Kaveh especially liked the train with the dinosaurs - two of his favorite things combined!

    1. Trains and dinosaurs are favourite things in this household as well!

  2. A wonderful post! I am amazed at the details of every building and outdoor scenes too! Love the archaeological dig and the dinosaur find. Nice wedding too! Really interesting! :) xxx

    1. Glad you enjoyed it, there really was so much to see.

  3. Wow, how brilliant, and don't those occupants have the Model village have CHARACTER! One thing occurs to me - you mentioned the gardener hard at work and later the one doing the mowing, but can you imagine what it takes to maintain this model village - mowing the grass must mean picking up each figure, mowing then putting them all back again? So the layout is never entirely the same each time. Also, the outside theatrical performance looked like it might have been Morris dancing as they were holding handkerchiefs. I like the Scout camp. And that Gymnkhana horse jumping is brilliant.

    1. Don't they just?! Not only do they have to keep the grass trim on a regular basis, but also all the plants and trees to keep them at the right height for the village. You can go back again as many times as you want within the week of your ticket and the say that the people are often in different positions etc...

      Yes Morris dancers, that will be it - I forgot about them.

  4. Now that's eye candy! I loved every detail of it. So many ideas...
    The plants kept in scale with the model village are just brilliant. What a load of work to keep it that way!

  5. That village is incredible! Thank you for taking us on a tour!

    1. This place was so much fun, glad you enjoyed it!