Wednesday 24 June 2020

Walking on Wednesday - Episode Two

The second of my 'Walking on Wednesday' posts.

Come for a walk with me....

Where shall we go?

Let us see where the path will take us

Beautiful views of the sea.

Let me get a photo of these hydrangeas.


Some are flowering and some buds are still to come out

Where am I?

Do you know?

I'm at Ventnor Botanical Gardens!

Lots of places to explore

Steps that take you up and down to different levels of the gardens.

Circular gardens

Hey there!

Wells - shall I make a wish?

I wonder how deep it is.

I wonder how long ago it was in use.  Perhaps when the gardens were used as a hospital.

I sit for a while by the big pond

The pond has fish and turtles in it.  Or are they tortoise?

Now which path shall I take?

Down I wander through the dappled light

Beautifully bright yellow flowers.

Down another dappled path

Reminds me a bit of New Zealand!

Even more so!

Bright pink flowers

Lots of succulents to admire

I look at the 'aboriginal' paintings...or at least copies of some.

I wonder how like the real thing they actually are?

Time for a little rest.

I admire the view from the seat

So peaceful.

We leave a little painted Kiwi rock as a memento of our visit and hopes whoever finds it likes it.

Of course there always has to be a bit of climbing wherever I wander.

Goodbye gardens, time to walk home now.

Back along the well walked path

On my way home.

I hope you enjoyed my 'Walking on Wednesday' Episode Two. 


  1. oh, you had me worried a few times there, climbing on the edge of the well! What if you had fallen in? Glad you had a good day, but your daredevil stunts are going to age your mother!!

  2. Beautiful photos!! Thank you for taking us along, I loved it :)

  3. Botanical gardens are so wonderful... what is the large orange ball you climbed, is it a memorial?
    It's good you are equipped with very stylish hiking boots.