Wednesday 17 June 2020

Walking on Wednesday

As we still can't go on actual holidays and probably can't for the foreseeable future, I invite you to come on a walk with me.  

Through the wooded area we will go

Dappled with sunlight

Jungles of stinging nettles

So much taller than I am!

Investigating rock pools

I looked closely but couldn't see any small fish.

Of course climbing over the rocks is just as much fun too.

Looking for fossils

Fascinating wondering what creature they may have been.  I'm sure an expert would know.

More little rock pools

and interesting fossils.

This one looks a bit like the bones of a leg

Contemplating the ocean and the world as a whole.

Looking down big crevices in the ground

that go a long way down.

Heading back home

I hope you enjoying Walking on Wednesday with me.


  1. So fun looking in rock pools. Those crevices and forests of stinging nettles look scary. The weather looks lovely.

  2. Just wonderful! I love those rock pools and you contemplating the world as a whole from that quiet spot. Sending love and happiness to Fanny

  3. So, who needs actual holidays? Between the rocks, the jungle and the ocean, you can explore for ages! Maybe even climb down a crevice? Looking for monsters?
    Or build a ship - sail the ocean - there are so many possibilities.
    Wonderful photos! Thank you!

  4. you are living the life, Henry!!