Thursday 5 August 2021

Outings this week.

A couple of wanderings around the island this week.

The first to Appley Beach on Sunday which was lovely.

Such a beautiful view, although not as nice as where I live on the island.

The second wandering was yesterday when I went to Yarmouth.

Such an interesting carved seat.

A beautiful day to take in the views and nature around.

Walking through the wooded area

A nice stroll in the cooler shadows of the trees.

A little stop for a rest and listening to the silence.

It was bliss.

One last look at the estuary before venturing home.



  1. It all looks quite lovely, and I’m quite envious now that I no longer live near the sea.

  2. Hello Henry! It's good to see you out and about. Looks like you have a lot of interesting places to explore.

    1. Yes it is good to get out and about. I need to do more exploring!

  3. You are a lucky boy, to live at a place even prettier than Appley Beach. which seems to me a lovely place! It's good you still go hiking and don't drive around the island in your new car. There's nothing like a walk in the woods.