Sunday 12 September 2021

A Visit to Alfred, Lord Tennyson's Farringford Gardens.

Now the summer holidays are over and the island is quieter it is a good time to start exploring again.  I hadn't been to Farringford Gardens (Tennyson's Garden & House) before, although Mum and Dad had.  

As you walk in you are greeted by this saying...what a sweet sentiment.

The grand house that was the home of Alfred, Lord Tennyson from 1853 until his death in 1892.  What a wonderful retreat from indeed from the clamour of his London life.  The house isn't open at the moment but it has been fully restored to its former glory and we can't wait until we can go and see inside it.  In the meantime you can enjoy the lovingly restored gardens and grounds.

The obligatory photo at the entrance of the house.

Huge windows.

Now for the gardens.

Pretty flowers.

Magnificent beans...I was very tempted to pick these...I sure hope they don't go to waste!

Wandering around the gardens on a lovely warm afternoon.


Of all sorts of shapes and colours.

There were several of these little poems around the gardens.

Of course who can resist climbing on an old log?

Such fun.

A strolling I go through the copse...

Until we come to Tennyson's bridge - a replica of the original which was used as an escape route for the poet onto the Down when unwanted visitors arrived!  ha ha.

Looking down the path that runs under the bridge

Time for a sit down on this lovely carved bench.

More gourds

Another poem.

Beautiful dahlias.

What a simply beautiful place to visit on a lovely quiet Saturday afternoon.  It was bliss.



  1. What a lovely place. Apart from wanting to see you (and your mum) again Henry, we really must try to visit the IoW sometime in 2022. Last time I visited the IoW was in the summer of 1985!

    1. That would be lovely, it is just so beautiful here.

  2. They would have opened the house just for you, Henry, if they only had known you came to visit! You're such a sweetie, boy, and your Mum made great photos. Thank you for sharing, for me, far away, it is like a real visit of that beautiful place.

    1. Aw, thank you, do you think they would have? Perhaps I should have asked. ;) So glad you enjoyed the blog post and photographs. You are so kind.

  3. How lucky to have a reason to visit this lovely place again, when the house is re opened. Maybe in spring, when the garden looks quite different...
    I enjoyed the photos. Thank you!