Sunday 5 May 2019

Abel and I visit Puketi Kauri Forest.

Mid March we were lucky enough to have a couple of days in Kerikeri staying with our friend Ellie, whom we first met in person a few years ago.  Her and her lovely husband took us to see Puketi Kauri Forest.  Mum hasn't been there since she was a little girl.  

It has changed a bit from then as now they have proper paths and things round parts of the forest with boardwalks.  This is to protect the precious forest floor and the roots from damage by visitors.

This is the walk we are going on.  I wave hello!

Such wonderful growth on the trees.

This is the type of boardwalk that are now in many of the places in the NZ bush that people visit.

It makes it more accessible to people who might otherwise have been unable to visit, whilst also protecting the forest.

Wow!  Just look up there at that monster!

These Kauri trees really are special and we must all do what we can to protect them.

I loved laying on my back and looking up into the tree canopy.

In amongst the Kauri trees were many other species of native trees and plants.

I take a breather from our walk.

Off we go...

...where does this path lead us?

Hello, I pose for my photograph.

Then I get Abel to pose for a photo.

Stand still Abel.

That's it...let me get a bit closer.

Abel enjoys having his photo taken as well.

It is his first trip to NZ and he is amazed at how big the world is.


  1. Great photos, Lorraine! NZ looks like a beautiful place. John

    1. Thank you, glad you enjoyed them John. Ye NZ is an incredibly beautiful place indeed.