Wednesday 8 May 2019

Matauri Bay and the Rainbow Warrior Memorial.

While in Kerikeri we also drove out to Matauri Bay to see the Rainbow Warrior memorial which is situated at the top of the prominent headland named Pukepika at the northern end of the main beach at Matauri Bay. The Rainbow Warrior was given a final resting place at the Cavalli Islands in 1987 and it has become a living reef attracting marine life.  This boat had spent its time protecting the marine environment and as such this seems a very fitting end for the ship.  A memorial was built a few years later.

It was a beautiful day

Coming down into the Bay...

The water was a beautiful colour.

There were divers into the water.  Not sure if they were having lessons?

I just loved looking at it all.  

The Bay itself was very calm with a lovely sandy beach.  The camping ground looked like it would be a lovely place to stay.  Perhaps next year?!

Walking up the hill, we finally saw it at the top.

I look up at this memorial - it is big.  This monument looks out to where the ship now rests.

The propeller from the Rainbow Warrior

I just can't help admiring all the amazing views of the blue sea and sky.  The sky really is so big in NZ, you can see for miles on a clear day.

A panoramic view from one side.

Looking down at the greens of the seaweed.

Looking out to wear the Rainbow Warrior rests.

Lastly some information boards, that are unfortunately a little difficult to read.


  1. Such an interestingly built memorial. Were you the only ones there?
    The coast is so gorgeous, again, we’re you the only ones enjoying the beauty?

    1. There were amazingly few people around, and yes quite often we were the only ones there! Incredible. I couldn't believe it. Felt so lucky.

  2. Thank you for sharing such interesting photos. The shoreline is stunning. Reminds me a little of the Cornish coast or Brittany. My son has just learnt to SCUBA dive, so we should put this on our map of must visit dive sites. It seems a lifetime ago that the Rainbow Warrior was bombed, doesn’t it? When I tell students about these events, they find it hard to believe, let alone that the French tested nuclear bombs in the Pacific. It is a very fitting that a reef has grown up around her.

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment Rachel. Yes you must put it on your place to visit for sure. It is so beautiful and so many opportunities to enjoy the outdoor life.

      It really does seem a lifetime ago, can't believe how the time flies and yes a very fitting end to her to have a reef grow up around her.