Saturday 18 May 2019


We visited two thermal attractions in one day - it was a busy day, but fun.  I only got to see the first as I was too tired to walk round the second and 'Mum' said she couldn't carry me anymore so I had to stay behind.  Boohoo...

This is the first time I have visited Waiotapu and the first time I have been in Rotorua so it was really interesting and a lot of fun.

We started the day off at the Lady Knox Geyser which was quite an impressive show if you have never seen it before.

It erupts quite high into the air.

There were signs all around Waiotapu telling us about the different features.  This is one of them.

I wouldn't want to fall down there.

I did look over the rail at this one, but I was very careful.

The scenery is constantly changing with the steam that rises from the water and lakes.

The paths are all nicely laid out - so different from when Mum used to visit when she was a little girl. But the better to protect the fragile environment, especially with the amount of visitors/tourists these areas get now.

I walk down the steps...

Round the various paths.

I stop for photos - all the water is hot.

The yellow sulphuric colours

Frying Pan Flat

Yellow deposits on the vegetation.

Walking along the board walk.

This had to happen of course!

Amazing colours


Oops, I got told off here for trying to climb over... might have been partly why I didn't get to go to the next place.

My human taxi!

Bubbling Mud.

A great place to visit, although we partly wished we hadn't waited to see the Lady Knox Geyser as that meant we were then walking round with a huge group of people and it was a bit like a conveyor belt at times.  Over the years, this place (in Mum's opinion) has become very commercialised and as such lost some of its charm due to the sheer volumes of people.  Probably better to go earlier in the morning, or perhaps later afternoon.


  1. what an interesting trip! I'm guessing it didn't smell too good there, am I right? Sulpher usually is pretty bad. You can't blame Mom for not wanting to carry you always. I noticed you didn't carry Abel, so you know how it feels!

    1. It did smell, but not too bad, you get used to it. Oh, yeah, I left Abel at the motel....but it wasn't on purpose. Ooops!

  2. Fantastic photos of all the amazing colours. I remember going there as a child too. From memory it was quite dangerous with flimsy boards to walk on. I was scared. Henry looks much more confident. Love the mum taxi photo!

    1. Glad you enjoyed the post and it brought back some wonderful memories...even if you were a little scared. Henry was a little too confident at times!