Wednesday 15 May 2019

Hobbiton Real Estate.

Grab a cuppa and perhaps a biscuit or two, and come and join me with a tour of some Hobbiton Real Estate...  the weather could have been better, but despite its best attempts in didn't dampen our day...well maybe the ground was rather damp and muddy - good thing I had my boots!

Well looks like I might be at the right place.

This way to Hobbiton.

I walk down the windy path

This must be the way, it looks magical

Nearly there I hope...what is that I spy in the distance?

Looks like I am in Hobbiton at last!

I spy with my little eye a little window poking out of the hillside.

I could live here...looks just the right size.

The ground maybe muddy, but we are prepared.

Moving on...

Despite the weather the washing is hanging on the line.

Village scenes.

A game of chess anyone?

Any post today?

Pretty flowers in front of this residence.

Hey there, I'm in Hobbiton!

Just in case you didn't realise!

A little gate

More washing on the line...they are rather optimistic about it getting dry on a day like today.

Chopping the wood, getting ready for winter.

Lots of blue doors.

But now there is a green door, oh yeah.

Sitting by the water mill.

With my 'Mum'.  We were having such a good day, but needed to deliver the cider to the Green Dragon.

Stopping off to check out what was going on in the forge.

We've arrived...this walking round Hobbiton is thirsty work...

What is on the menu?

This lovely lady helped me choose.

Watching the world go by.


Perhaps I had too much cider...

Time to go...

Some dried fish...

More wares...

A little red door

I'm exhausted... I think the two little boys I made friends with on the coach enjoyed their trip to Hobbiton as well.

Just imagine what this place must look like on a sunny day?!


  1. So fun reliving our own adventures in Hobbiton with your Henry. He is the perfect size for a Hobbit! Glad he wore his wellies and that you enjoyed the experience despite the weather. The wet weather must have made you appreciate the snug warmth of the Green Dragon. It’s such a photogenic place. I loved all the little details in the gardens like bee hives and washing. I didn’t see the chess game, but no doubt they change things from time to time. Wonderful post!

    1. It was such fun indeed, and lovely to know you enjoyed your visit there as well. It is a photogenic place, and would have been even more so on a sunny day. Of all the amazing days we had in NZ with very little cloud or rain, this would have had to have been one of them!

  2. looks like a great day, altho wet. What a fun place...wouldn't you like to live there, Henry?

    1. It was great fun, and would be a pretty cool place to live!

  3. Replies
    1. It really was. So glad you enjoyed the tour with me.